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Flooding advice for Swindon

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Flooding Help

Contact numbers:
  • Floodline number: 08459 881188
  • To report river blockages or any other environmental incident: 0800 807060
  • Non-emergency flood advice: 01793 463000
  • National Flood Forum: 01299 403055
  • Thames Water - sewage: 0845 9200 800
  • Council - drainage: 01793 445501
  • Private Drainage Service: 01793 784556 / 07920 479028
  • What to do:
  • Be prepared to turn off your gas and electricity.
  • Floodwater is polluted water, so avoid any direct contact.
  • Move valuables and personal documents to a safe place.
  • Help to avoid polluting the water further.
  • Be prepared, you should stock:
  • First-aid-kit & Medicines.
  • Either battery or windup touch and radio.
  • Waterproof clothing, wellington boots and blankets.
  • Bottled water & tin food.
  • Personal documents.
  • Notes..

    River cole
    East Swindon, South Marson/Stratton/Dorcan river

    River Ray
    Haydon Wick/Penhill/Peatmoore/Shaw/Old Town/Coat/Wroughton

    The water flooding isnt the biggest problem, the biggest concern is the damage caused by pollution within the water.

    Thames water is responsible for Swindon's sewers. Council is responsible for the public water drainage, eg. Highway gullies, Paths & Ditches

    Swindon is 500m above sea level, so the only localised flooding near rivers should occur. In the event of severe flooding, Gloucester, Central London, Weston and South of Bristol will be flooded first!

    River Severn - Cardiff
    River Thames - London

    More info..

    www.environment-agency.gov.uk or try here
    or try www.swindon.gov.uk/environment/

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