Band review: Wipe Me Dry

We recently visited the band Wipe Me Dry at one of their gigs only to be blown away by the quality of their music. They cover well known songs, but such a cut above the rest of the bands we've heard.

When talking to them you'll realise how organised and talented they are. They wanted to capture that concert atmosphere and bring it to the smaller venues - which is exactly what they've done.

The mini concert got the crowd rocking, having to perform three oncores. "We try to stick to two 45 mins sets, but the crowed always wants more".

Their concert sound seems to be partly due to their carefully thought out equipment list, a costly small PA, but clearly able to breeze in 3000watts of quality sound in to the venue.

Do we recommend them? Hell yes!!

Q. How long you guys been together?
A. umm, 5, 6 years now I think

Q. Are all of you from Swindon?
A. Yep, all in Swindon, different parts of Swindon

Q. Who does all the driving then?
A. It depends. Wayne (ed:drummer) takes the equipment, and we usually jump in the back of Seb's (keyboard player) fun bus - its a people carrier you see.

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